Purchase Scented Pine Cones

A popular tradition around the holidays is keeping scented pine cones in a bowl or around the house. Typically they are sold smelling like cinnamon, but many shoppers can’t stand the smell. In that case, you’re in luck! Scented pine cones are very easy to make. First, clean the pine cones to the best of your ability. If you use water, make sure they completely dry before taking the next steps. Make a mixture of water and your favorite essential oils, one or more, and spritz them liberally. Keep them in a plastic bag for the next 24 hours to set the scent.

Give your Home a Signature Scent this Holiday

Here’s an even easier suggestion, that’s light on the wallet. You can distribute a scent throughout your home in a number of ways, so why not do them all? Choose one scent that you love. An easy, agreeable scent is vanilla. Then, purchase candles, scented plug-ins, reed diffusers and oil, and any other scent facilitator you can think of and place them around the home practically. When placing these items throughout the home, think about babies and children that might be visiting for the holidays and keep them out of reach.

Make a Pomander

Pomanders have been around for centuries to fight odors in the home! They can be a fun craft to do with the children, and serve a purpose effectively. Purchase some apples and/or oranges and plenty of fresh whole cloves. Once home, poke the cloves into the fruits in any design you like! The cloves act as small reeds to distribute the scent of the fruit! You can take your scent creation a step further by rolling the fruit in an additional mixture of any essential oils you love.

More Essential Oil Uses

Essential oils are sweeping the nation with their holistic physical and mental health benefits. This holiday season is the perfect excuse to get into them. Peppermint has a wide variety of medicinal uses, but doubles as a holiday scent because when sprayed around the home, it smells like candy canes. You can purchase a essential oil diffuser that plugs into an outlet, or just make a home spray in a medium sized squirt bottle.

Fresh Greenery

Pine is another scent that people love around the holidays. This is why real Christmas trees are so popular! You can purchase pine in an essential oil, or decorate your home with fresh pine greenery. This can be in the form of a tree, garlands, or wreaths. Call your local nurseries or tree farms to see if they carry these products, or make them on your own!

Simmer Pot Recipes

It’s fun to distribute a scent through the home on the stove top. Hundreds of recipes for combining water, fruits, herbs, and spices and warming them on the stove can be found Google. Not only is it comforting to your nose, but it’s appealing to the eyes as well.

Easter, Christmas, or any other large dinner party ordeal can be stressful for one cook to handle. Here are some suggestions to make the holiday a breeze for you, so you can also enjoy the holiday and be in the moment.

Damage Control

Prior to recruiting buddies and making cooking arrangements, there are a few things you can do to prevent accidents from further stressing you. First, you may want to walk around your home and put away any breakables and valuables. Bring out games for children to stay occupied and create an inviting environment for people to “hang out”. You might decorate the table and display drinking glasses. Buy ice. Chill a bottle of wine or be sure a variety of beverages are ready and available. Because dinner parties and extravagant holidays are a major contributor to plumbing issues, follow some of these guidelines to keep your pluming in proper working order. Purchase garbage cans with lids for the kitchen and all bathrooms. Most people flush or put items in the garbage disposal to send them away before their smell permeates the atmosphere. Sanitary napkins and even “flushable” wipes should not be sent down the plumbing, but may be out of embarrassment. Garbage cans with lids offer a safe place to put unwanted discards. Also equip each bathroom with a great scented product, a toilet brush, plunger, and an adequate, visible supply of extra toilet paper. If you do use your garbage disposal while cooking, be sure to turn it on frequently to keep it from clogging.


Recruit the help of little ones. One or two children, 7-16 can be really helpful in carrying out little tasks that keep you in the kitchen monitoring your food. Children can set the table, entertain guests and give house tours, and serve appetizers.

Store-made Items

Pre-made desserts, appetizers, sides, anything you can get that won’t sacrifice quality but will save you time is extremely helpful. Your main priorities should be preparing and checking on the protein of the meal (which is traditionally ham or lamb), a casserole or two, and any other oven baked items.

Take Care of Yourself

The best holiday hosts are those who seem relaxed and are enjoying themselves as they do it. Make sure you have everything you could want and need for the day, including your favorite beverage, an outfit that you feel good in, and an apron. Sometimes aromatherapy can be helpful, if only used in times of stress. There are several essential oils you can choose from, often at the grocery store, that claim to relieve anxiety and stress. You can purchase one at the same time as all your other dinner items, and put some on a cotton ball or handkerchief to keep in your pocket on Easter Sunday!