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Plumbing Leak

Are You Currently in Need of a Leak Detection Company in Knoxville, TN?

Water leaks cause problems for your home’s ceilings, flooring surfaces, and furniture. That’s not even the bad aspect. Since it’s tough to identify and diagnose, the leaks could sometimes continue undetected, and the small leaks transform into significant damage and more pricey restoration or replacement expenses. Leak recognition and repair are a science, and it needs abilities. The professionals at Knoxville Plumbing are highly-trained plumbing experts.

They may have substantial experience with finding leaks in your home and repairing them. Make the call now for an appointed appointment with all the best leak detection companies in Knoxville, TN. 

When Do You Need a Plumbing Leak Repair in Knoxville, TN?

Most leaks in your home are not noticeable. That’s why they’re not readily available. Nevertheless, there are a few indications that one could look out for in your home to ascertain if you might have any leaks. Can you hear the noise of running water in your home even when every one of the faucets is closed? Did your water bill hike up without reason? Is there an annoying or foul smell coming from somewhere in your home, so you can’t pinpoint precisely where? Can you see any discoloration on your wall surfaces? If the answer to those questions is reliable, you require a Knoxville TN plumbing leak detection expert to consider the leak’s location in your home.

Trust Us For Accurate and Efficient Leak Detection Solutions in Knoxville, TN

Knoxville Plumbing provides leak detection services to assist property owners in Knoxville, TN, to avoid further damage to their quality. The leak detection procedure is just not that sophisticated, theoretically. Often, even so, the method in itself of detecting the leaks can become tough. Your home’s sewer lines and water piping system operate through numerous across the property, and choosing the leak’s precise source is challenging. In that case, our inspectors use innovative analysis devices to ascertain the precise place of the leakage.

Local Experts For Reliable Plumbing Services in Knoxville, TN

Knoxville Plumbing is locally owned and operated and controlled. Consequently, we have local experts acquainted with the city’s common domestic plumbing concerns and other encircling places. Our company is skilled in utilizing modern tools and equipment to help make the leak detection procedure quicker. We have been quick local plumbers because we value your time and hard work. 

Here are some of the common services we provide:

Choose a Trustworthy Plumbing Leak Maintenance in Knoxville, TN

Knoxville Plumbing is a very good service agency for property owners in Knoxville, Tennessee. For almost any plumbing system repair, replacement, installation, and replacement needs you might have – you might have us to get in touch with. Please don’t hold off on your water leaks, and give us a call today! Our highly qualified staff of plumbing experts is focused on providing their all. If you employ us, be assured that your problem is our main concern.

High-quality Camera Evaluation For Leak Detection in Your Home in Knoxville, TN

Our company offers house plumbing services throughout Knoxville, Tennessee. Customers rely on our professional services because of the high quality, efficiency, and protection at work. We ensure you recognize any leaks in your home, from the littlest to the biggest. We use camera inspection for toilet sinks, shower area drains, and other access that is otherwise more challenging to inspect and check visually. Knoxville Plumbing is accessible 24/7! We are around for you any time throughout the day. 

Water Pipe Leak Repair

Repair Your Leaking Water Pipes in Knoxville, Tennessee

Our plumbing system depends heavily on pipes. This is used for transporting drinking water to your homes directly. If your faucet is leaky, you’ll quickly find a leak in your water pipes; however, it will take longer to notice if a single pipe bursts. Suppose you saw the warning signs but ignored them. In that case, you can have critical damage to your home, belongings, furniture, and appliances and a deterioration in your drinking water quality. Polluted water could be dangerous for your health if taken. Even though DIY pipe repair seems more cost-effective, the job is still better left to professionals. If the DIY fails, you will be compelled to pay for a pricey redo. To obtain assistance with your plumbing issues, contact our experts in Knoxville, TN. +

How to Detect Damaged Pipes in Knoxville, TN

Because the plumbing is usually installed behind the ceiling and drywall structure, it would be difficult to detect leaks. However, the structural problems resulting from an undetected water pipe leak are extensive. A water pipe might leak if you see mildew and mold on your wall surfaces or floors. If the resulting dampness is not addressed, it could quickly cause harmful fungus growth. In some conditions, this may also create a foul odor. Turn off all water fixtures and check out the gauge to ascertain if water keeps running out, suggesting an undetected leak such as a broken water pipe within a slab.

A leak detection service is available too. At Knoxville Plumbing, we are focused on helping you to repair your water pipes. Call us now to solve the issues and undertake the necessary procedures.

Expert Main Water Leak Repair Service in Knoxville, TN

The main water pipe connects your plumbing system to the community water supply. Damage to your water main will lead to flooding at your home and damaged roadways nearby. If this damage occurs, the cost of repairing the mainline is high. Water in the street and backyard, puddles, damp areas, water-damp drywall, unexpected bill increase, very low water pressures, cracks within your house, and disgusting smell and sounds of the water will be the typical warning signs of a cracked water primary tap (bubbling noises, whistling from water pipes, knocking, leaking and clanking). 

Since main water lines are normally buried below ground, digging can only reach them.

If you experience some of these signs, your main water conduit may be seriously wrong. It’s best to contact your local plumbing professional in Knoxville, TN, to complete the task while the problem remains manageable.

Knoxville, Tennessee Best’s Plumbing Leak Service Provider

Homeowners and businesses in Knoxville may be concerned with leaking pipes. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry because Knoxville Plumbing is always the first to solve leaky plumbing-related problems. We provide just for you residential, business, and in many cases, emergency maintenance. With our professional plumbing technicians on your side, you will be confident that the plumbing job will be long-lasting and effective. We also give a free estimate for the maintenance cost of your water pipe leak. You should contact us right away so that we can easily perform an ocular inspection of your pipes.

Water Leak Detection

Detect Leaking Water Pipes Source in Knoxville, Tennessee, With the Industry Experts

Water is certainly a crucial survival element. We also utilize this in the home or commercial properties in different ways. Large amounts of water are unfortunately lost annually in Knoxville by aging infrastructure. A leaking water pipe usually causes this. If the leak had occurred in a clear location, like the faucet, it might have been much more manageable. However, water pipes hidden below your floors or behind drywall can be difficult to detect unless damage has already occurred +

Don’t worry about your pipes getting dug or wall surfaces damaged. At Knoxville Plumbing, we offer distinguished plumbing services, including identifying water pipe leakages. We use the highest-end products to determine the leak’s origin and minimize the issue before it worsens.

Protect Your Home and Health With Expert Leak Detection in Knoxville, TN

Most wastewater sources in Knoxville, Tennessee, are made up of water pipe leakages.

It may also damage your appliances, household furniture, and the home in general – not to mention your health hazards. It is best to hire a leak detection company if a leak in water supplies is suspected of preventing a serious problem.

Consequently, you must identify water leakage: This reduces the interruptions of businesses/life, prevents mold and mildew health problems, prevents serious structural problems, inspections unduly high monthly bills, and preserves water. Be proactive and think while the problem remains manageable. Contact our industry experts to plan a consultation or receive a free-of-charge estimation.

Act Fast to Prevent Structural Damage and Contaminated Water With Slab Leak Detection Services in Knoxville, TN

You must act quickly if you think a leak is within your pipes. This not just causes severe structural problems and also risks polluted water. In addition, it results in a rise in the monthly water bill. The location and diagnosis of a damaged water pipe are often challenging. One of these instances is a slab leak underneath the concrete slab of your house. If your plate piping goes somewhere perceptible, indicators will show you. Detection of the leak is simple by these indications: lessened water pressure, mold or mildew appearance, foundation cracks, discolored odor, floor, and running water noise even if every one of the faucets is closed. In your house, getting in touch with Knoxville Plumbing is advisable. Our skilled local plumbers offer slab leak detection professional services and precisely indicate where a leak should occur.

Experience the Exceptional Plumbing Services of Knoxville Plumbing

The plumbing and the needs of home and company owners across Knoxville, Knoxville Plumbing has always been high-performing. It has been revealed by our big list of clients with very good testimonials.

Our industry experts in plumbing do this through impressive and noninvasive processes. We are utilizing them. Our local plumbers are educated in state-of-the-art water discharge detection devices, specifically created to detect liquefied leakages from water-paved or unpaved water equipment and locations. Our leak detection system can also track numerous leak locations visually and audibly. You can also be reassured that we take advantage of the best device for the job and leave no room for error.

Frozen Pipe Thawing

Are You Searching For Knoxville, Tennessee Frozen Pipe Thawing Service Providers?

Some homemakers are mistaken for trying to freeze water lines by having an open-up fire to keep water flowing again. It is a terrible situation! Never use an open-up flames device or tools, such as a blowtorch or any other device that uses wide open flames, as this will result in a terrible property blaze. Speak to our company instead, in connection with this. A severe issue like this needs a serious and prompt response. +

Safely Thaw Your Frozen Pipes With Knoxville Plumbing’s Advanced Plumbing Solutions

Knoxville Plumbing utilizes the latest plumbing systems to thaw your frozen pipes securely and quickly. Schedule an appointment with our registered plumbing service immediately. Since we understand the appropriate solutions and precautions to prevent the damage that frozen pipes are capable of doing. We understand how important it is to help keep your plumbing in good working order, especially in the winter. Even when you close your company in the winter, the frozen pipes will likely result in major difficulties and explosions, floods, and serious damage early in the year.

Prevent Frozen Pipes With Expert Guidance From Knoxville Plumbing

Knoxville Plumbing not only assists in the thawing of frozen pipes and also assists in the thawing of frozen pipes. We teach our consumers how to prevent frozen pipes, which may result in a lot of harm and cost a lot of money. We teach homeowners how to take preventative measures to keep their pipes from freezing. Our company offers insulation water lines, especially in basements and attics, leaving faucets about the drip, leaving cabinets open up, and installing a home heating system to help keep water lines warm if they are susceptible to freezing. Protecting water pipes appropriately is the best way to keep them from freezing. Another excellent preventive measure is an effective home heating system with piping that radiates heating in every direction.

Fast and Efficient Frozen Pipe Thawing Services By Knoxville Experts

Our plumbing experts are well-trained and qualified, especially regarding water pipe thawing.

Knoxville Plumbing makes it a point to recruit highly competent local plumbers. Our plumbing groups are guided by master local plumbers who are highly trained and knowledgeable.

They are in your home or office within a few minutes of getting your order. Our pipe-thawing providers are cost-effective and productive. For those who have a frozen water pipe in Knoxville, TN, or any other nearby area, make sure you contact our specialist local plumbers.

Our company offers speedy, cost-effective frozen pipe thawing providers throughout the location, and we are found twenty-four hours a day for emergency services.

Commercial Leak Repairs

Trust Us For Reliable Commercial Leak Detection and Repair Services in Knoxville, TN

Leakage inside your commercial properties can be quite a pain in the neck; it can create many issues for your company in the foreseeable future and a major monetary decrease if not dealt with quickly.

Knoxville Plumbing was the best company in the plumbing companies field of Knoxville, Tennessee, and other nearby areas. Consequently, we’ve provided reliable workmanship and support service to our customers. We have also been satisfied by how our expert plumbing technicians are skilled. +

They have been preparing for such conditions as commercial leak maintenance for a long period. So, when you visit us, you may be certain that your loss issues will be resolved quickly. Many of us have the required devices and machinery to excavate on every floor. Our professionals have a long time of efficient engagement for any water company to enable them to compromise any water leak issues you’re confronting inside your building.

Quick and Reliable Commercial Water Leak Repair Services in Knoxville, TN

A water problem inside your company may be risky. Discovering and repairing water leaks before they result in critical problems in your commercial property or endanger your business and customer is critical. When your company is experiencing downtime due to shattered or leaking pipes, you need a commercial plumbing service to settle the situation immediately and get your operations back up and running.

Knoxville Plumbing technicians are getting in touch 24 hours a day, seven days every week, to handle commercial water leaks and offer company to your business. We’ve been repairing commercial slab leaks and leaking pipes for a long period. Unnoticed leaks result in critical harm and affect the company and schedule of work. Our highly skilled experts use cutting-edge equipment and methods to ensure remarkable results.

Repairing Leaks of Top Quality at Appropriate Costs in Knoxville, TN

You might spend thousands of dollars on water damage and mildew removal when you ignore indications of a leaking pipe for months or weeks. When you contact our business to discuss the indicators and effects of a leaking pipe, make no mistake the issue will be repaired before it becomes a costly repair or remodeling task.

Our high-quality leak restoration services are both inexpensive and cost-powerful. We charge the proper amount for the work we’re carrying out. Before you start the job, you will certainly be offered a quote so that you will understand the probable charges. So don’t worry about overpricing because Knoxville Plumbing provides high-quality leak repair providers better than other companies.

Commercial Leak Detection

Reliable Commercial Leak Detection in Knoxville, TN

Have you ever seen an increase in your water bill, although you may not consume that much? This could be a forewarning of a faulty plumbing system. Since commercial and residential buildings are naturally big, figuring out if there aren’t any leaks is detected. Knoxville Plumbing will help you detect leaks in your home or business. We make use of non-invasive and modernistic tools to track leakage accurately. +

We’ve been giving our services in Knoxville, TN, for quite some time, and other people are arriving to rely on us for your extremely trustworthy and reliable pipe leaks treatment. Regarding pipes leak services in Knoxville, Tennessee, Knoxville Plumbing has decades of expertise. We use cutting-edge technology to detect leaks quickly and accurately, halting them from causing further damage to our client’s companies or buildings. If it’s a rusted tube or malfunctioning structure, we’ll ensure that the commercial pipes are within great working problems. We vowed that even a plumbing system leak would not damage your property further.

Detect and Resolve Water Leaks in Knoxville, TN With Expert Commercial Leak Detection Services

If water stains under pieces, sewer system leaks, or some other leaks on properties in Knoxville, TN, keep unnoticed, they may lead to main problems and price a ton of money. Finding a water or pipe leak needs quick measures to minimize the damage. In Knoxville, our company has earned a status since the indisputable mind of water leak sensors. Our professionals are confident to acquire with the center from the issue effectively, no matter how intricate it could be; our huge expertise in the field has offered us excellent and above-normal leak detection capabilities.

Prevent Costly Damage and Ensure Business Continuity With Our Advanced Leak Detection Services in Knoxville, TN

Buildings like dining places, hotels, cinemas, and other features deal with pipe problems more frequently than apartment properties due to their higher level of use. Our advanced leak detection systems will help you repair problems before they become more significant. Never let your company endure the results of a leaking pipe. Clients all over Knoxville, Tennessee, select us for leak detection services because we value them. We take our customers through all the processes so they can make smarter decisions concerning their systems. The only component that can surprise you is how simple it is to locate your leaks with our direct and clear charges.

Sewer Smoke Test

Get Your Leaking Plumbing and Sewer Smoke Tested Today in Knoxville, Tennessee

Water lines are often hidden below ground with your sewer system. Consequently, locating leaks could be a difficult task. If you’re searching for various options to find pipe leaks, cracked power openings, breaks, and uncapped lines without increasing your pipes, look no further. We provide a quick and cheap way to get your plumbing system up and running again in Knoxville, TN. Our training group of professionals conducts sewer smoke tests to get plumbing leaks with your mainline. Whenever we detect cracked lines, our company offers an adequate solution to your system’s requirements. +

Ensure Proper Functioning of Your Sewage and Plumbing Systems With Expert Smoke Testing Services in Knoxville, TN

Knoxville Plumbing is a business recognized for Knoxville, TN, home and office owners.

We have already been doing sewage smoke tests in Knoxville and its encircling areas. Through exact leak detections, we have now made a great picture. We perform smoke tests in your sewage and plumbing systems here in Knoxville. Cross-links between hygienic sewers and hurricane drainpipes, malfunctioning sewer connections, surface water invasion into the sewer, and more are common products we can sort out. You can rest assured we send out the best people in the field to do the job properly the first time.

Efficient and Affordable Sewer Smoke Testing Services in Knoxville, TN For Accurate Leak Detection

Many people have already utilized our sewer smoke test strategy to locate causes of surface water inflow and infiltration, and we have a 100% recovery rate every time. Smoke Candle lights and Smoke fluids are our team’s two most successful methods. While both of them are useful, they likewise have their dissimilarities:

Candles of Smoke

These smoke generators are biodegradable and lightweight, making ambient humidity an option for true smoke. It is wise because it produces dense smoke, is more affordable, is easy to use, and produces smoke swiftly.

Fluids of Smoke

Typically, these test devices should be administered into the exhaust supply. The “fluid” refers to the truth that it is a petroleum-based oil. This can be an improved selection as it is more compact, costs less than a minute, has a lot less smell, and has a prolonged shelf-life.

Cost of a Sewer Smoke Test

Obtaining a smoke test for your sewers is certainly a cost-effective option. It is recommended as this method reveals the real method to obtain your plumbing leaks. With no real sewer smoke test, your plumbers might be repairing numerous pipes while missing out on the source of your problem. Our company offers cost-effective services to your leaking plumbing needs in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our company is always prepared to respond immediately to your requirements. Give us a call now for a free estimation of charges.

Our Services

Residential Plumbing

Residential Plumbing

We know how vital it is to have proper functioning plumbing systems in your home. Our plumbing experts at Knoxville Plumbing have years of experience in the field. You can call us to schedule an appointment to get our high-quality service.

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing

Our expert plumbers here at Knoxville Plumbing provide commercial plumbing services including grease traps, backflow prevention, and others. We will help you come up with a long-term strategy to ensure that your business plumbing are in good working order.

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing

Our expert plumbers here at Knoxville Plumbing provide commercial plumbing services including grease traps, backflow prevention, and others. We will help you come up with a long-term strategy to ensure that your business plumbing are in good working order.

Plumbing Leak

Plumbing Leak

Knoxville Plumbing has the best water leak detection experts in the plumbing industry. Our team will be there to help as soon as you suspect a water leak in your home. Our experts are more than capable of locating and repairing the leak as fast as possible.

Water Heater

Water Heater

In all water heater installations and repairs, our team of experts is highly qualified, informed, and experienced. We stay up to date on new water heater technology and repair techniques to ensure you receive the best service possible. Give us a call and we’ll give you a detailed explanation on how to remedy the problem.

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are one of the most annoying things that can happen in your home. We provide a variety of options, and our professional and pleasant team will assist you in selecting the best option for your needs and budget! We also ensure that your demands are handled immediately.

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are one of the most annoying things that can happen in your home. We provide a variety of options, and our professional and pleasant team will assist you in selecting the best option for your needs and budget! We also ensure that your demands are handled immediately.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Our experts at Knoxville Plumbing know how important it is to have safe drinking water in your home and business. Knoxville Plumbing offers plug-and-play water quality monitoring solutions that detect a wide range of essential water quality indicators and chemicals in real time.

Water System

Water System

Your installed equipment will work as efficiently as possible, from installing fully equipped water treatment systems to creating custom water systems.

Gas System

Gas System

Our Gas Systems experts will help keep your home safe from gas leaks or any other issues that can come up with your gas systems.

Gas System

Gas System

Our Gas Systems experts will help keep your home safe from gas leaks or any other issues that can come up with your gas systems.

Sewer System

Sewer System

Whether it is for your home or business, our team of professionals will provide for you the best sewer system services in the business.


There are quite a few service contractors operating in Knoxville, providing installation, maintenance, and repair services to commercial and residential customers. With this in mind, you may be asking yourself why you should hire Knoxville Plumbing in Knoxville, TN to take care of your needs, in preference to another company in the area. To help you make the right decision (hiring us of course!), we have listed the key benefits of working with us rather than one of the other service companies in the area of Knoxville, TN:

Available 24/7

Our professional office staff and technicians are always ready to serve you in Knoxville, TN. We are awaiting your call 24/7.

Licensed, Insured, & Bonded​

Knoxville Plumbing in Knoxville, TN, is licensed, bonded, and 100% insured. We guarantee the safety of our staff, technicians, and of course, our clients as well.

Professionally Trained

Our highly experienced technicians are the reason that we are able to provide such a fantastic range of high-quality services in Knoxville, TN.​

Veteran Founded

As a veteran, Robert Keith has sought to transfer the military’s values of discipline, honesty, and pride to his work. Our mission here at Hero Services in Knoxville, TN, is to apply those same values when serving our clients.

Background Checked & Drug Tested

All of our technicians are background checked to ensure you that whoever we send your home are technicians you can confidently trust to serve you.


Here in Knoxville Plumbing, we aim to help our customers as best as we can. As a Veteran-Led Business, we served our country now it is time to serve you. Below are some limited time offers for you to enjoy. Get them now before it is to late.

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At Knoxville Plumbing, our customers always come first. Therefore we offer amazing finance deals tailored to suit your every need, including a Zero Percent Interest rate for 25 Months with equal payments! You won’t get that anywhere else.

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Robert Keith

Hero Services Founder

Robert Keith began his career in plumbing while serving in the United States Air Force, receiving his training at Sheppard Air Force Base. After 4 years as a plumber and pipefitter, he served 7 years as an instructor for the Air Force Civilian Service. Robert has experience in utilities, industrial, residential, construction, service, and repair. He has been trained and certified with items such as Uponor Pex, Tracpipe, propress, and megapress, and has received master plumbing licenses in three different states. In his 30+ years of experience, Robert has sought to transfer the military’s values of discipline, honesty, and pride to his work. At Hero Services in Knoxville, TN, our mission is to apply those same values when serving our clients.

R. Keith

Robert Keith

Hero Services Founder

Robert Keith began his career in plumbing while serving in the United States Air Force, receiving his training at Sheppard Air Force Base. After 4 years as a plumber and pipefitter, he served 7 years as an instructor for the Air Force Civilian Service. Robert has experience in utilities, industrial, residential, construction, service, and repair. He has been trained and certified with items such as Uponor Pex, Tracpipe, propress, and megapress, and has received master plumbing licenses in three different states. In his 30+ years of experience, Robert has sought to transfer the military’s values of discipline, honesty, and pride to his work. At Hero Services in Knoxville, TN, our mission is to apply those same values when serving our clients.

R. Keith

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get charged?

Instead of charging by time and material, were you don’t know what the price is until we’re done. We do StraightForward pricing. That means there are no hidden fees. Parts, labor, supplies, warranties etc. are all given in one price before we start the work. So, the price you approve is the price you pay.

Can you just give me a ballpark price?

Estimating a job accurately is impossible without seeing it ourselves. In our experience giving a ballpark price ends in one of two ways

1. We quote it too high and you choose another provider, based on misinformation.

2. We quote it too low and you will be upset when you find out the real price. We find it best to send a technician to you to assess the situation and give you a straightforward price that you can rely on

Are you able to you pull permits and everything that’s required?

Yes. We are fully licensed and we will do every job up to code.

Will the tech have everything he needs in his truck to fix this problem?

Our trucks are fully stocked to handle every common issue and over 90% of every other situation. That way we can save you time and money.

Do you have financing?

Yes. We have easy to apply for financing options. There are several to choose from including 0% interest and same as cash. There is no need to wait for that repair or replacement. Apply today.

If you suspect a plumbing leak, it’s important to address it right away to prevent further damage. Start by shutting off the water supply if the leak is severe. Contact a local professional plumbing service in Knoxville, TN, who can use specialized equipment to detect and locate the leak, then provide a plan for repair.

Signs of a hidden plumbing leak can include unexpectedly high water bills, damp spots on walls, floors, or ceilings, a musty smell, or the sound of water running when all fixtures are off. If you notice any of these signs, please call a professional to investigate further.

Professional plumbers use a variety of methods to detect leaks. This can include visual inspections, pressure tests, meter detection, infrared cameras, and audio leak detection devices. The method used can depend on the suspected location and severity of the leak.

Yes, even a small leak can lead to significant problems over time, including water damage to your home and increased water bills. Over time, the leak can also get worse, leading to more extensive damage and more costly repairs.

The cost to fix a plumbing leak can depend on a number of factors, including the location of the leak, the severity of the leak, and the amount of damage caused. It’s best to contact a local plumber in Knoxville, TN, for an estimate. Keep in mind that while fixing a leak can have a cost, ignoring it can often lead to more costly repairs down the line.

Didn’t Find the Answer?

We are easy to reach by phone, through e-mail, and in person. If you have further queries, please feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Areas We Serve

Knoxville Plumbing is located and provides plumbing services to Knoxville, and the surrounding areas including; Andersonville, Fountain City, Seymour, Oak Ridge, Sweetwater & etc.

Learn More About Knoxville Plumbing (The Top-Rated Local Plumbers) By Visiting Our Online Profiles On Yelp, Facebook, And Be Sure To Leave A Review On Google Maps.

State of Tennessee

Tennessee is a landlocked state in the U.S. South. Its capital, centrally located in Nashville, is the heart of the country-music scene, with the long-running Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and a legendary stretch of honky-tonks and dance halls. In the far southwest, Memphis is the home of Elvis Presley’s Graceland, rock-and-roll pioneering Sun Studio, and the blues clubs of Beale Street. 

Capital: Nashville

Points of interest: Dollywood, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Colleges and Universities: Tennessee State University,  University of Tennessee


City in Tennessee

Knoxville is a city on the Tennessee River in eastern Tennessee. Downtown, the Market Square district has 19th-century buildings with shops and restaurants. The Museum of East Tennessee History has interactive exhibits, regional art, textiles, and Civil War artifacts. James White’s Fort, built by the Revolutionary War captain, includes the reconstructed 1786 log cabin that was Knoxville’s first permanent building.

Area code: 865Plumbing Services in Knoxville TN

Top Sights: Zoo Knoxville, Knoxville Museum of Art, Ijams Nature Center


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