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Tools Every Household Needs

Are you a new home owner? Newly fledging your parent’s nest? Recently divorced or made single? Creating a new work space in your garage or craft room? Having a basic tool set for yourself is a must and also makes a great gift for any loved one who finds themselves in one of these situations. First, you’ll want to begin with a medium sized tool box to fill with these helpful contents.

Screw Driver Set

Building and tightening furniture screws, and unscrewing and screwing battery compartments when changing batteries are some of the tasks that will have you needing various sizes of screwdrivers regularly.You might also considering getting a glasses repair kit to obtain one of the smallest screw drivers available, and a small sewing kit for small alterations.

Tape Measure

Tape measures can be especially helpful for re-arranging and decorating your home. You can measure a space’s dimensions to know a piece of furniture will fit or to know how large of a wall space is needing art. A tape measure can also help you ensure you are hanging pieces perfectly parallel to each other. You can also use a tape measure to measure your children’s height and record them on the wall as they grow!

Hammer and Assortment of Hanging Supplies

Having a hammer is a must-have, but just as important, is keeping an assortment of hanging supplies. Different sizes of nails and screws, as well as “anchors” for heavier pieces are all handy when you have unexpected hanging to do and you want to do it now.

Gorilla Tape

Gorilla products are great to have on hand for quick and reliable repairing of almost anything. Gorilla tape can help make mean-time household repairs, such as leaks or broken windows, until a professional is able to come, as well as repairing broken household tools like shovels and broken buckets.


Although you might not need a flashlight to make home repairs, when you need a flashlight you need to know exactly where it was you last put it! Keep a flashlight in your tool box, the small but powerful magnum kind are best.

Assortment of Pliers

You never know when you might need to get a grip on something during a project and there are many different sizes of pliers to choose from. If you can find a kit of various sizes and shaped noses, you’re in shape.

Utility Knife and Wire Cutters

When you receive a package that’s hard to open, purchase something in theft-proof pakcaging, or need to unexpectedly invent a contraption, you may need a utility knife. Another handy sharp tool you may need is a wire cutter for some of the thickest ropes and chain type materials. It’s best to purchase these items with sheaths included to protect yourself and any children who might come across your tool box.

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